Friday, July 17, 2015

One of the Weirder Tie-Ins

(Another birthday come and gone. Eh, whatever*.)

Sergeant Slaughter's old toy commercial sure plays him up, like a lot of individualized toy commercials play up the characters they're representing.

Funny as that is, I think my favorite part of it is that his cartoon appearance was more over the top.

Like, the BATs (Cobra robot soldiers) there are being presented as pretty much impervious to serious machinegun fire. That gun Roadblock's got would knock most people trying to use it down, and the BATs are just shrugging it off.

And Sergeant Slaughter is wrecking them dozens at a time with his bare hands.

*I don't recall if I've mentioned that I don't particularly care for birthdays, but I'm pretty sure I've mentioned I really don't care for holidays. My birthday is like a holiday dedicated to me, but everybody else is in charge of how it gets celebrated. (Though Mom's been good enough to ask me what I want on the menu, even if it's pizza and my favorite kind of cake nearly every year.)

One of these years, I'm gonna manage to convince everybody to stop frickin' singing so we can skip to the darned cake.

-Signing off.

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