Friday, June 12, 2015

Totally Cool With This

NOTE: Today's blog post touches on several subjects that are kinda rougher than I usually go into, because it involves a show, Heat Guy J, which has the soul of a completely ridiculous action anime and the formula of a violent detective show, with all the hilarious stupidity and horrible harm to human beings that those things imply.

So there's a character from this show, Clair Leonelli (who is a guy, just so you know-and excellently voiced by former Power Rangers actor and anime voice-acting great Johnny Yong Bosch-which I didn't realize until I saw his name in the credits) who has ISSUES because his dad was a horrible, horrible person and also a mob boss who was trying through abuse to make him perfectly obedient. Instead, he ended up with someone whose hobby was sticking hand grenades places they didn't belong, and this guy inherited his mob boss position-the most powerful in the entire city, which is functionally a country*-when he died.

Anyway, this touchy, touchy guy was recently "humiliated" by one of the main characters, and he wants to exact a humiliating revenge (the guy with purple highlights in his hair and a lip ring is Clair, the sandy-blondish guy is Daisuke, the subject of his vengeance) in a nonlethal way, partly because Daisuke could have shot him, but was using a nonfunctional bullet on purpose. (This bothered him a lot more than the severe damage to his expensive office building, although that was a contributing factor.)

(Skipped over the actual injection. Frankly, I find it a bit hilarious that the chair fell over and then they just left him there.)

(Bit of time passes here. Also, the color changes in the window are because they're in a casino.)

(Yes, the drug he's injected Daisuke with is basically a torture drug.)

Here it comes... What unspeakable things are unfolding in Daisuke's mind?

Not much**.

*This series is set after a postapocalyptic future; people either eke out a living in the wilderness, or live in one of a handful of huge, tightly-packed cities. Like, there are seven of these cities plus another one where the closest thing to the world government resides. And if you live in a city, you're not generally allowed to leave without special permission and they seriously expect you to come back. Also, dozens at least of things we'd consider normal or commonplace are illegal.

**Full disclosure: I edited out a conversation that Daisuke was having in his head with his mother, mainly because this was pretty darned long already, but also because the gist of the scene doesn't really go away and it was rather funnier this way.

-Signing off.

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