Friday, June 19, 2015


Yet another post coming from my rewatch (from the beginning this time) of the Digimon Xros Wars anime. (I believe all screenshots come from episode 19.)

So there's an episode where, in order to get into a place, the protagonists need to convince a local guardian deity Digimon, Deckerdramon, to open a gate so that they can enter the area he's in, because there's another (extremely evil) Digimon who's slipped into that area to force Deckerdramon to join forces with him.

Lilamon, a local Digimon who is also basically a sexy lady, tells them that they need to perform the "Love Love" dance in order to get Deckerdramon's attention, because Deckerdramon is a bit weird and mystical and can see people's hearts from miles away and judge their love somehow. (He's also a giant mechanical crocodile with a surface-to-air missile array on his back, because Digimon is awesome.)

And so she shows them the Love Love dance. We don't actually get to see her perform it, but we get to see a lot of reactions to her performance. (The "love you, love you" thing is part of the chant she's reciting while she's doing the dance.)

Yeah, they're basically implying a discretion shot because of sexiness. (Also, I personally find it particularly hilarious that the robot Digimon, Ballistamon there, has the most ridiculous response. It's especially funny because he's one of the most robotic robot Digimon ever, needing periodic repairs, spending most of his time standing quietly in the background, and apparently having a tiny factory in his chest.)

And the people who she expects to perform the dance have a reaction that looks outright repulsed:

It doesn't help that Lilamon assumed these human children were a couple and basically browbeat them into performing the dance together.

Quite a few people were very seriously embarrassed for them, including Dorulumon (mentioned in the previous post-recall he's a former drifter who is also a giant wolf with built-in drills), a pink rabbity thing, a living gun with a cowboy hat, an animate chess piece, and a gun-toting dark angel guy. (Because essentially any assortment of characters can make sense in Digimon.)

While Lilamon believed that Deckerdramon's attention could only be drawn by romantic love, it turns out that any kind of love for others could get his attention-and because this dance was so very hideously embarrassing and they did it anyway to help their friends, it was enough to get his attention, and he opens the gates.

Shortly, thanks to a bit of magic bridge action, they're caught up, and we see the confrontation between Deckerdramon and the aforementioned evil Digimon, DarkKnightmon (aka AxeKnightmon if we're going by official English names rather than the Japanese names, though the Crunchyroll subs go ahead and call him DarkKnightmon), which has this wonderful little exchange between them:

"I suppose not" is a pretty amazing response to being accused of having a total lack of love.

Anyway, then it turns out that Deckerdramon's love sense has told him something about the big-time jerk kid, Kiriha:

There's a reason this guy generally is drawn with shadows like that-he's a coldhearted little guy. But you can't fool Deckerdramon, apparently.

He's probably really embarrassed.

-Signing off.

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