Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Context Doesn't Help Much

For various reasons (e.g. bad weather that makes me fear for my computer), here's a sort of clearing house of Gundam Build Fighters screenshots which I found particularly amusing:

(The only one of these to come from the first series, incidentally, is the above.)

(This is a hilarious yet awful reference to Ramba Ral's [the character upon whom this character, Mr. Ral, is based] death scene; he says at one point that while he was in the middle of a fight, he forgot to fight. This is not the only reference to this line that Mr. Ral has. Also, frankly Ramba Ral's death scene is kinda narmy.)

(She was going to jump out and have a shouting match over a guy she was interested in, but somebody else beat her to it, and she got so distracted by the shouting match she forgot to actually do anything herself.)

(Because he wants to win all the contests, you see. SPOILERS: He does.)

(That point when you realize that you probably should just talk this out.)

-Signing off.

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