Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Going On and On About Digimon Xros Wars

Yet another assortment of random Xros Wars silliness.

One of the characters that stands out amongst the villains of the first part of the series is Tactimon, regarded as the strongest of three generals working for the main villain. His obsession with perfection gets a little silly now and then, such as his insistence on using the English word "perfect" in the middle of Japanese-language dialogue and his description of everything he does with this word.

Yes, he just called himself "the perfect me" (and also used a variant of the old Chinese saying about the nail that sticks up getting hammered down in the same sentence).

One of the things about Xros Wars is that the Digital World is initially divided into smallish "Zones" that each have a fixation on a theme. There's a Zone where the only real land turns out to be a giant Digimon whale, a Zone whose inhabitants are famous for their skill in preparing sweets, a fragile Zone that's made of CDs (really), and the Sword Zone, which is full of swords.

Including one that's as tall as a mountain.

I can't tell you why for certain, but gigantic swords just kind of seem to be a Japanese media thing-I know there's at least one late '80s/early '90s anime where the landscape has a similar decoration.

After a certain point in the series, the Zone are replaced by seven similarly themed "Lands" which are each ruled by generals working for the main villain (sadly, none of them are Tactimon); one of these is called Vampire Land because its ruler is a vampire*.

And it certainly looks like a place that would be called Vampire Land, doesn't it?

Speaking of said vampire, he manages to mostly survive being incinerated, but... doesn't last long.

*In this case, he's a vampire mostly because he seems to be vaguely related to other vampire Digimon (who are verifiably vampires) but his main "vampire-like" trait is actually absorbing cute bunny Digimon children to give himself immortality. He does this apparently because it was prophesied that a differently-colored-than-normal bunny Digimon kid would be responsible for his death. No points for guessing that this turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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