Friday, April 24, 2015

Great Martian War

A bunch of things I really like: History of the Great War (World War I; you can tell I'm a nerd because I call it that), War of the Worlds, mock documentaries, all of these things at the same time yes please.

This footage is apparently from some mockumentary that aired in Canada that used actual footage from the real war and something something don't care awesome.

I even particularly like the tripods. (Incidentally, I stumbled across this footage because the wonderful blog Monster Brains put up images from the original French printing of War of the Worlds. I saw one or two of those old pictures once and was fascinated, so it was really nice seeing the artwork at large sizes. There's also some neat surreal stuff, like a building with eyes for windows, that's from the same set of pictures.)

Of course, the thing is, from my perspective there's not actually any such thing as a "wrong" tripod. As long as they have three legs and thus are actually tripods, every tripod is a "right" tripod, and I love seeing every artist's take on the things.

There might be some tripods that are better than others, but no bad ones and I'm pretty sure I've never had a real favorite, either.

-Signing off.

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