Friday, April 3, 2015


(I really need to do prep work for my Star Wars posts further ahead of time at this point. Ah, well.)

So there's lots of things in RTS games that I don't like despite liking RTS games because I feel they go against the spirit of what RTS games should be, such as high-level players replicating the effect of a militant hivemind.

The following video combines an awful RTS aspect of that nature with something I do approve of, putting ridiculous limitations upon oneself to create different gameplay experiences.

Specifically, a thing RTS players are known to do is physically block clicking on enemy units by using large units or large numbers of units (or large numbers of large units, as here) to actually cover them over, which keeps those units from being controlled and turning them into easier prey than they would be otherwise; the player using this strategy in the video is using these units, Overlords, to do this as part of his "win without units designed for actually attacking the enemy" strategy. (The enemy base was destroyed by the Overlords causing the growth of a hostile ground cover called Creep; Zerg buildings need Creep to grow on.)

This is pretty incredible.

-Signing off.

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