Monday, April 13, 2015

Game Reviews: Monstro: Battle Tactics

Monstro: Battle Tactics (Demo) is a simple turn-based strategy game where you control game piece-like units.

If you play a lot of games like this, you've probably seen it before; I haven't seen this precise setup, but that's only because I've never actually played a game like this with a second regenerating health bar representing how "armored" a unit is (which isn't to say I haven't seen the concept, it was just in some other type of game, or possibly something I came up with independently on my own at some point-I don't remember). But the idea is so simple and logical that I knew exactly how it would work as presented.

In fact, I have very little to nothing to say about the gameplay beyond "I'm not sure how you're supposed to play the levels with traps in them properly" because my units seem to refuse to attack when they land on trap squares, and there are places where this seems to give the computer an unfair advantage to the point of making the game unplayable because it doesn't seem to have the same problem.

But enough of that! I'm not here to talk about the gameplay, but the game's delightfully absurdist intro sequence.

While you're being presented with it, a narrator is reading it off in a top-notch deadpan with a delightful accent, and I heartily recommend taking a look at the game for the sake of the intro alone. It's pretty great.

So, to sum up, everybody's living happily, regardless of whether they're human or monster...

...but that would be boring, so some gamers showed up and ruined everything by making them fight each other.

And for whatever reason, they're actually fighting on tiny rectangles of ground floating in the sky.

And it's pretty darn awful.

I don't really have anything else to say.

-Signing off.

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Maurice Zarzycki said...

Hey, just wanted to tell you that we've release the game on Steam now. It contains a lot of visual improvements, still the same ridiculous plot and more tongue-in-cheek humor in the form of level descriptions (~10 pages of text in level descriptions).

If you're interested check it out here: