Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Shame About the Title, Though

This game is another one of those "hard to the point of tears" games* with very nice graphics and an... interesting story.

It's also got some really interesting (in the non-sarcastic way) gameplay aspects, such as the use of panel borders as scene/environment dividers (which, if you can't have a near-continuous world like Metroid games do, is a decent alternative) and the fact that certain enemies are shapeshifters (you can't see this in the above video, so I've added the below video, which doesn't show it well-being a rather hilarious tool-assisted speedrun, possibly with a little extra cheating-but does at least give one the idea).

It's honestly pretty fun if you're watching instead of playing (and I'm sure it's fun enough if you're quite good), although the fact that the female enemy type is scared of the rat is at least a teense offensive.

*Chakan** is hard as heck because, while you have "infinite lives," i.e. dying has no long-term penalty, you've got strict time limits in each set of stages, which come in three sections and reset your progress whenever the timer runs out, plus the protagonist is fragile, not great at jumping, and has rather poor reach.

This game is hard as heck because you have even less reach, no extra lives, and there's not nearly enough health pickups for a player of less than spectacular skill.

**After some thought, I realized how to describe this to a gamer who hasn't played it and get across the point that it's probably on the hard side: It's basically a cross between a Megaman game and the second Legend of Zelda game, which I'm always seeing people whine about its difficulty.***

***...Y'know, I dunno why people talk about that game being so hard. I had an easier time finishing it than I had getting through the average Super Mario Brothers stage.

-Signing off.

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