Friday, February 6, 2015

Game Reviews: Keeper of the Grove 2

Since I've talked about the other five games created by the same studio, I might as well talk about Keeper of the Grove 2... right?

Read the Keeper of the Grove review for a primer if you don't recollect it; if you want the compact version, my assessment is simple: Disturbingly cutesy, slow-paced, and hard.

As near as I can tell, the gameplay of the "sequel" is mostly the same (perhaps a little faster) with Incursion-like twists of special features on many maps (...I don't care enough to figure it out, to be frank, and have currently primarily played the game through this cheat page because of how little I care), but that's not the most notable thing.

The most notable thing is that the graphics have had a transformative overhaul.

My only conclusion is that there must have been complaints about the graphics, and so we arrive at this (almost) grimdark alternative/replacement.

I can't help but laugh. (I find it very unlikely my opinion was an influence; the game probably has thousands of comments on its page.)

Anyway, the new designs are fairly pleasant and engaging even though they present such a contrast-heck, especially because they present the contrast. The fact that there's such a hilarious disconnect is, well, the only reason I had any interest.

I don't know if I can particularly recommend it, because there's not much to set it apart other than the graphics, but it might be good for some laughs.

(EDIT: Whoops, forgot to add one remark on gameplay!

There's actually a nice touch in this game in that it actually rectifies a thing that could be a problem especially in Monsters TD and a bit less prominently in the first Keeper of the Grove: When mousing over the wave notification icon, it tells you the path that the wave will be walking along. This would be handy for those other games, and I hope that the feature continues in future titles [let's see it in an Incursion 3 especially].)

-Signing off.

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