Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Godzilla Teaser Trailer

I've read several times that there was a pretty good teaser trailer for Godzilla 2014, but it doesn't seem to be out there just yet.

So here's the Godzilla (1998) teaser trailer.

I frankly remember 1998 pretty dimly for the most part (that is to say, I don't remember much about it), but I do remember this movie had a lot of hype, and then everyone complained when it actually came out.

Now, it was never a fantastic movie (although it sort of was a precursor to Cloverfield a little bit in its efforts to make a more "realistic" giant monster movie), but it did have an interesting facet which was indicated by certain aspects of the film and then the tie-in cartoon (which was actually really good):

It's relatively easy to believe that there were actually two "Zillas" in the film, and we just never see both at once because for giant critters they're pretty darned sneaky, what with all the underwater moving around and the burrowing. When they thought they'd killed it the first time, they actually did kill it (or wounded it badly enough it slinked off somewhere to heal), and they never noticed the discrepancy because the first dead one was the male, and they never recovered his body.

The second was the female, and the one they'd have had the opportunity to autopsy.

And the reason the Zilla from the cartoon showed no sign of self-fertilization was because it was another male, an idea corroborated by another reptilian kaiju that showed up and was a mother (and Zilla Junior and she acted as a mated pair, for that matter).

This has been the headcanon of my sister and myself for over a decade now, by the way, because they brought in an expert on hermaphroditic worms to investigate a vertebrate lifeform.

Don't ever do that.

-Signing off.

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