Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I had an... odd day today.

The main thing is that there was a flash flood warning that they issued with the tornado sirens... and then half an hour later or so, they issued a tornado warning.

And about five minutes later, I get a short call from my sister (I thought she'd hung up on me, but her phone's battery suddenly died) telling me to pick her up from work NOW.

And so I drove around and got to watch 1) a huge, terrifying storm system that I essentially drove parallel with for a while (while I don't know it was an actual tornado, it did throw lightning about once a second for a stretch there while I was less than a mile from it, and that was scary enough, thank you very much) and 2) stupid people coming out to watch the storm system.

I don't feel like blogging.

So have a funny video of Transformers-themed Lego-style minifigures stomping on somebody.

Stupid weather's been driving me crazy lately.

-Signing off.

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