Friday, July 26, 2013

I Will, However, Say Pacific Rim Is Awesome

On Wednesday, I was a little too tired and overwhelmed to say anything very significant about Pacific Rim.

I also still can't come up with much to talk about, because I'm currently not in quite the right mindset.

(If you're thinking about watching it because you haven't yet, seeing it in theaters? It's worth it. And I don't even like movie theaters.)

But here's the main theme and it's pretty fantastic.

Also, this official Jaeger Designer app is amazing.

Less for the ability to make Jaegers from the handful of parts they provide, and more for the fact that you can make a poster out of it, give it a name, and label it as belonging to just about any country, no matter how absurd (aside from Andorra, which I did above, there's also Lichtenstein and Vatican City).

I had fun with it.

-Signing off.

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