Friday, December 9, 2011

Will This Battleship Sink?

(Because if it's a bomb, you know all the review headlines will be "Battleship Sinks." All of them.)

I'd thought I'd commented on this, but I guess I haven't. (If I have, whatever, I don't care.)

(There's a newer trailer you can see here. I'd have gone with that one because it has much more in the way of Bayhem-style action, and I seem to recall it having more Liam Neeson, but my attempts to use the non-YouTube embed tools did not end well.)

Obvious attempt to cash in on your own success, Hasbro? Really?

Because seriously, what are most people going to think when they see a movie based on a "toy" product which has enormous, intricate mechanical things tearing into major cities?

Whereas even the movie Transformers take a lot from preexisting material, this just comes across as a completely daft way to use a familiar name.

(Momentary aside on Battleship the game: My mother talks sometimes about how she and her classmates used to play it with sheets of paper. Ironically, I suspect that in a proper legally checked-on statement, she'd have to say that she and her classmates used to play a naval conflict representation game on sheets of paper. That kind of thing peeves me.)

-Signing off.

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