Friday, December 16, 2011

Escape Is Impossible

So apparently there's a game where you play as Sherlock Holmes, and Watson follows you around.

But, like God Mars, he never actually moves.

Whereas God Mars' seeming immobility is a source of amusement and occasional actual "oh, hey, him moving has actual impact," Watson's not moving is... a source of amusement and sheer terror.

As noted by many, it's essentially just a result of lazy programmers not wanting to come up more than the bare minimum of animations for him. I think this has unexploited potential, though-what if there was a game where an otherwise normal-seeming NPC was always doing this, and it turns out that said NPC is actually Nyarlathotep or baby Cthulhu or something?

It'd be better having an explanation for it than this, anyway.

-Signing off.

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