Thursday, December 22, 2011

Digimon Distraction

Sorry, got pretty distracted by listening to various different language versions of the Digimon Adventure 01 openings.

I'd embed them, but for some reason that's not allowed with any of the videos I've found, so I'll link a few instead.

This video has seven versions, and includes all three different original songs associated with the series, those being the original Japanese, the English intro's song, and the Italian opening song. All the other versions are based on the Japanese or English versions. (Apparently Italy always has to be different.) My favorite rendition of the English song is the French version, because the way they pronounce "champion" just kills me.

And because it's also funny, here's the Hebrew version.

Why was I looking at these things? I fell victim to nostalgia for a moment, I suppose. Pokemon is such a big thing right now, but Digimon was the better show. (Also, to my disgust, the spellcheck recognizes "Pokemon," even though it's strictly misspelled, but of course it doesn't recognize Digimon. Gr.)

-Signing off.

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