Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Game Review: Steamlands

Steamlands is an entertaining strategy game.

Its central premise is quite simple: You build a (completely ridiculous) tank using parts found in each mission and overwhelm your enemies.

What makes it truly delightful are its setting and graphics. It's a post high-tech war Europe (said war apparently involved robots larger than skyscrapers, surely the best kind of apocalyptic war) which has reverted to Victorian culture and steampunk-type technology. There are tutorial movies at the beginning of many levels styled after silent films.

The gameplay is admittedly fun, but it would be better as a more RPG-like system, allowing you to continue adding to and upgrading your tank over numerous missions. Also, the difficulty curve spikes radically after the first few missions.

All in all, Steamlands is a good strategy game that, with tweaks, could be a great one.

(A brief review, to be sure, but the game is pretty simple and I'm mildly ill and rather tired.)

-Signing off.

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