Wednesday, September 7, 2011

REEEIIII... DEEEEEN! (may be a girl)

I mentioned this version of Raideen ("Reideen") once before, and even embedded this exact video once before, and remarked on its remarkably slow pacing (which is described on TVTropes as an attempt to "realistically" capture the appearance of massive things in motion, not that I think it really works at all).

From the looks of things (that I've found on YouTube), not all of the series is quite so bad in terms of being ridiculously slow, but there's something else that occurred to me when I was looking this over again more recently:

"Reideen" (I put the quotes around it persistently because they still pronounce it Raideen) is very feminine compared to Raideen. (A video and images with old-school Raideen can be found here. Or by clicking the "raideen" label.)

It's got beefy-ish arms (although not that beefy), true, but it's also got long, slender legs with rather big thighs, wide hips, high-heeled feet, long flowing hair...

...and those soft beautiful eyes, which are also accompanied by a rather small chin and a neck that I would also describe as feminine (although you can't see it that well).

"She" also has a rather bulky chest, which could easily be interpreted any which way. (No, no screenshots to illustrate my point; I'm not going there.)

If you can't tell, I don't think there's anything wrong with this; aside from the fact that it's amusing because it's presumably at least mostly unintentional, I think there should be more subtly feminine super robots. (Because I'll be darned if I'm not annoyed by all the silly pink heart robots out there with obvious in-your-face breasts.)

-Signing off.

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