Monday, September 26, 2011

But It Has Giant Robots, So All Is Forgiven

I've seen a similar movie to this one that was apparently made by the same group around the same time.

That is, clearly bad, and really dumb.

This one has a clear edge up on that one (Robot Jox, if you're wondering), by virtue of having a giant robot scorpion.

I adore scorpions*, and giant robot scorpions are generally awesome. Even if, as this thing does, they lack the claws.

*Scorpions are like, I don't know, the venomous mutant crocodiles of the insect world. And yes, I know, blah blah not insects blah blah, but they're part of what is called "the insect world," so it doesn't matter. Fussing at anyone but the blatantly ignorant about that sort of thing is dopey.

Where was I? Ah, yes, scorpions weren't content with being able to seize and crush their prey, so they acquired the ability to poison them to death, too. A scorpion's stinger is possibly the most malicious-looking appendage in the entire animal world.

-Signing off.

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