Friday, September 30, 2011

Cobra Gets Mauled By Mongoose

This video makes me kind of mad.

Not at what's happening, really, although I like snakes and it always makes me a bit sad to watch one getting mauled. (It's far more common than you might think; snakes are essentially just mobile sausages, it's just that they're mobile sausages that are good at killing things smaller than themselves and being venomous. Of course they're popular prey.)

No, what makes me mad is the realization that all those cartoons that depict mongooses have been misleading people for decades. Look at that mongoose. It's huge. A mongoose doesn't get into a fight with a cobra, it just walks up and goes "munch munch munch." There isn't even a hint of drama, any more than there would be if a tyrannosaur walked up to an angry bull and ate it. (Well, a smidgen more drama, I suppose-the bull isn't poisonous.)

-Signing off.

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