Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Space Western Comics: Tangle With the Outlaws of Mars

I did some looking around. It looks rather like there's a limited supply of Space Western Comics on the Internet, and I've already got the two issues available for download. So this feature is living on borrowed time. (On a brighter note, I am now the #2 ranked Google hit for "Space Western Comics.") Don't think I'm going to stop reviewing crazy space comics just because there won't be any more Space Western Comics (in the near future), though-I've found plenty more.

Today's is a Spurs Jackson and His Space Vigilantes feature from #42. What do they do this time?

Have an ugly title card, if nothing else. Man, look at that!

Ugly title cards aside, let's see what they're up to.

Mars is getting redder? Weird.

Hey, you know what's weird about this comic? The fact that somehow, these cowboys know all about stuff in space.

Except Hank Roper, apparently. That guy really shouldn't even be allowed near a rocket ship, man.

And yes, I know it's an effort to work in details of actual outer space factoids, but putting cowboys on rocket ships kind of defeats that purpose already, doesn't it?

They have one ship sit on Deimos, while they land on Mars, where they meet up with Thula.

Note that she looks very different from her other appearances-apparently, the artists didn't compare notes.

So what's up with the thinning air? Get ready...

Actually, the reason Mars is red is because it already is covered in rust dust. If it's getting redder, that doesn't seem likely.

Fortunately, this isn't insany-head science failure-or would that be unfortunately? This is Space Western Comics, after all.

Incidentally, the fact that Spurs is the honorary Prime Minister explains why he doesn't have to spend all his time on Mars. Apparently, he gets all of the benefits and none of the duties. Ahhhh, nepotism.

Notice that Strong Bow is talkin' like an Injun here, instead of being articulate as he is in most stories.

So, what's up with the moonwaker? Dunno yet.

But here we have a nice scientific error to make fun of, as well as a funny speech pattern.

Yes, it is the fault of... THE MOOOOON!


Sorry, I was just having a flashback to some anime.

Anyway, they decide to go take a look at Phobos.

But their efforts at stealth are for naught.

Get ready for a Space Western Comics moment:

They're using a giant vacuum cleaner to suck up Mars' atmosphere. (As an interesting aside, apparently Mars' atmosphere is artificial, just like in Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom stories.)

The air is somehow being stored as a liquid.

They also discover some explosives.

Uh-oh, what are those rascals planning?

Spurs goes to get the other Space Vigilantes, I guess. But he's being followed.

And he's momentarily captured, and brought before some guy!

Whoops, looks like the plot just jumped ahead some.

They're planning on using missiles to blow up the capitol? Why?

Thank you, Mr. Information and Fiendish Expositor.

We rejoin the Space Vigilantes in a cell. What will they do now?

They've got rope? In a prison cell? Oh, no, don't do it!

We also see that there's a vicious rumor machine on Mars.

So will the Vigilantes escape in time to do anything?

Well, sorta.

What just happened?

Those clever, clever Vigilantes.

Notice that this means that they only loaded explosives into their missiles at some point after they captured the Vigilantes, possibly only minutes before launch. This is really, really strange.

With the badguys' plot neutralized, they have a spaceship fight, which can have only one conclusion.

And so the day is saved and stuff.

This panel strikes me as ironic.

I mean, sure, there were traitors other than the guy on the spaceship they shot down, but that's still kinda funny.

Of course, what do you expect out of some guys called Space VIGILANTES?

Western justice, probably.

-Signing off.

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