Monday, December 28, 2009

Masters of the Strange DVD Case

So on Christmas, one of the presents was this "new MOTU" DVD collection.

I looked at it, and automatically assumed from its thickness that it must contain multiple DVDs; as it has a total of ten episodes, this didn't seem unreasonable.

(The other DVD cases I'm comparing it to are those of The Incredibles and a cheap $1 DVD set case-the latter being the most efficient usage of materials I've ever seen in a sturdy DVD case.)

So, what do I find when I look inside?

The weirdest DVD case interior I've ever seen.

There is only one DVD. Hopefully it does in fact contain the declared 10 episodes.


Do you see this? It's a small inner wrapper.

I am inclined to say this is the most egregiously wasteful DVD case I've ever seen.

Of course, it may provide slightly better protection for the DVD than other cases I've seen. But it's still wasteful.

-Signing off.

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