Thursday, November 19, 2009

Star Destroyer Vs. (Fill In Blank)

'Fraid I've been burning a lot of time looking at a site that, in all honesty, I should have discovered years ago. is a great site for comparing various fictional universes set in space. (Well, mostly just Star Wars and Star Trek, but he does make some mentions of others.)

Guess who usually comes out on top of that discussion? (If you guessed anything other than Star Wars' Galactic Empire, you'd be wrong.) And if you disagree, he has refuted all comers with the following arguments:
  1. Death Star.
  2. Death Star.
  3. Death Star
(He actually does this on the site at one point, though he was referring to an e-mail conversation.) I'm putting it somewhat out of context-what he means by this is that 1), the Death Star is a benchmark of Imperial industrial capacity-it built a functioning planet destroyer that was large enough to be mistaken for a natural body at a distance (and in fact did so several times), 2) the Death Star can generate enough energy to literally destroy a planet, which would take truly tremendous amounts of energy (millions of times the [momentary] output of the Sun, a detail talked about here), and 3) the Death Star somehow does this without fuel tanks.

This is insane, but it's also clearly what happened, based on observational evidence...

Anyway, great site and all that.

-Signing off.

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