Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winner Of The Title "Most Heroic"

He-Man, easily.

Sure, it's kind of a silly, arbitrary field to pick out a winner for. But let's take a look at what He-Man has occasionally been known to do.

In the episode "The Sleepers Awaken," Prince Adam suddenly encounters a strange woman, who waves her hand in his face, paralyzing him, and proclaims that he's her slave now. When a strange man attacks her and snatches her pet, he asks to be freed, and when she frees him, he runs off-while she's powerful, she apparently can't catch him. Once he's out of sight, though, he becomes He-Man, and rescues both her and her pet. Not long after, they are attacked (inside an ancient, decrepit castle) by a monster called a dragon snake, which he ties up. When the strange man appears again and destroys a giant vine growth that is supporting the castle, He-Man returns to the castle to save the pet again, then heads even further back into the collapsing building in order to rescue the darned dragon snake. This is run of the mill for He-Man.

Superman seems edgy by comparison.

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