Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So something happened yesterday that gave me something to blog about. Great, except for the fact that it also made it impossible to blog.

Yesterday was not a good day for me. Not in terms of the living-through-it part, anyway.

So my parents (whom I live with) have both been sick. It seems to be the flu. Anyway, both of them were laid up and unable to do things such as put my kid brother on the bus-my sister filled in for them here. This made it a bit easier for me to get up early, actually, which was important-my sister and I both had dentist's appointments at 1:00.

That comes off without a hitch (my mouth was given an exceptionally clean bill of health, in case you're wondering), and we head for home, stopping briefly at a store to pick a few things up because the parents are sick. We're going through the frozen food section, and I notice the frozen pizzas, and knowing the parents won't be able to cook food for that evening, consider picking it up. I decide against it so we can go home quickly, for the sick parents mean we must be home in time to greet our kid brother when he gets home.

So fast forward a couple of hours. It's getting towards supper time, and Mom concludes that we should go pick up pizza since there's no chance of supper getting ready. Things are still going all right... until I get to the pizza place and, in a moment of distraction, lock my keys in the car.


So we have to call home (thanks, Pizza Hut employee, for lending us the cell phone) and call for a ride from one of our sick parents. And it happens to be Dad, who is rather grouchy over this (by the way, it was raining very hard the whole time), especially since he's sure we have a backup key (even though we don't).

He brings us home, we eat hurriedly, and Dad decides we need to call for assistance as soon as possible. (A lot of Sis's personal things were in her massive purse within the car.) We just missed my only opportunity to blog on time at this point. We call a towing service who "does lock-outs" and tell them to meet us at Pizza Hut.

We get there, and they show up in what was essentially a full-sized semi truck, with two guys. One guy steps out of the truck, takes his little tools and opens the car, and gives us a bill for $65.

Sixty. Five. Dollars.

To come and open a locked car, using a balloon and a stick.

If you want to get into a job that doesn't require a huge amount of schooling, go into auto repair and towing. You'll make a killing.

-Signing off.

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