Thursday, April 2, 2009


So somebody pointed a link to here, and I felt a need to make a few remarks. Go peruse it if you please (it'd be best to open a new window/tab).

On picture 1 ("Twendy-One"): Wow, that is impressive. My little brother can't seem to hold a straw without squishing it.

On picture 4 ("Hybrid Assistive Limb"): Seriously, a wearable robot named HAL? Who made that marketing decision?

On picture 5 ("Wakamaru"): Why does the robot need an apron? It's not like it's got any other clothes to keep clean... (Of course, it's an "actor," so I suppose the apron's just a prop, but still...)

On picture 9 ("RoboLobster"): You will bow before the RoboLobster. That is all.

On picture 10 ("ATHLETE"): It's hilarious that they put so much effort into their acronyms... Seriously, NASA's gotta have the biggest acronym research department in the world.

On picture 11 ("Toyota Motor Corporation robot"): This robot put its lips together and whistled. Then it got stuck that way.

On picture 13 ("My Spoon"): They seriously named a robot "My Spoon?" Seriously?

On picture 14 ("Toyota Motor Corporation partner robots"): A robotic brass section? That's only slightly less impressive than Elektro, the smoking robot.

On picture 15 ("T-34"): They're preparing for the takeover, you know, it's not like we need to help them along...

On picture 16 ("Farmer Wu's rickshaw robot"): It is a robot that pulls a rickshaw. You need know no more.

On picture 19 ("Big Dog"): A robot named Big Dog. Yeah.

On picture 20 ("Rollin' Justin"): Somehow I am put in mind of a mad scientist.

On picture 22 ("Mr. Incredible"): Somebody's gonna get sued...

On picture 23 ("Tyrannosaurus Rex"): Hey, hello again!

On picture 24 ("bino3"): Bino3... is watching you.

On picture 25 ("demo warehouse"): Aw, man, robot shelves? How do you find anything?

On picture 26 ("synthetic face"): The Whisperer in Darkness, perhaps?

On picture 27 ("Navy Talon 3B robot"): The instructions on that mine are very helpful. ("FRONT TOWARD ENEMY")

On picture 28 ("Paro"): Aaaaah! Baby seal robots! The end is at hand!

On picture 29 ("auto plant"): Rather sophisticated, considering the state of government in Iran.

On picture 30 ("CEO of Intel, etc."): Ah-nold versus robot arm. Irony.

Well, that's all I've got for now.

-Signing off.

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