Thursday, October 30, 2008

Brave Robots: Mic Sounders Gets His Due

So I was sorting through my old posts, and I noticed I had done a grave injustice: I posted a series of clips that showed the most inept and low moments of the Brave Robot Mic Sounders the 13th, and then remarked that I would soon chronicle how he made up for looking pathetic later on. I said this in July. Oops. (You ought to at least glance at that bit before you look at this, unless you're familiar with the series, which you probably aren't. And there's not much point at looking at this if you are familiar with the series.)

So, under certain circumstances, Mic Sounders the 13th (yes, he actually is the thirteenth of something, but that's mostly irrelevant) can transform from a Black Hole robot to a rock star robot on a flying stage. (Oh, Japan!) He can use his keytar and the CD player in his chest, as well as the extra pair of arms on his back that hold his microphones, to play what basically amount to magical songs that do all kinds of crazy stuff. For instance...

...+5 health! That's right, he's basically some kind of role-playing game bard.


...he can summon an image of GaoGaiGar to smash things with the Goldion Hammer.


...selectively disintegrate any kind of matter.

Basically, he's a walking, rocking Deus Ex Machina waiting to happen. But there's one other thing he did which, unlike his rocking powers' story-warping abilities tendency to annoy viewers (a lot of "serious" fans didn't like him much), was totally freaking awesome.


When his keytar and microphones were destroyed, he played a suspension bridge like a freaking harp.

-Signing off. Tomorrow, assuming I get the time and find some references, I'll relate the scariest things I saw this Halloween season.

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