Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Only Time...

...I'll stoop to talk about politics this election season.

1. I am sick of politics. SICK, do you hear me? The only remaining election coverage I want is who wins, and I'm questioning the wisdom of listening to that. During the last of the presidential debates, I literally wore earplugs, since I couldn't avoid being in the same room as the active television that night.

2. I don't much like either candidate, and for that matter, I'm not terribly fond of either party. I'd rather that the government keep its end of the bargain up while staying the heck out of our business. (It is a bargain, you know. That's what the freaking Constitution of the United States is for. They call it a constitution, but it's really a covenant.)

3. Loudly declaring who you'll vote for is annoying as heck. (Ask who I'll vote for, and all you'll get is stony silence.) Your vote is your own vote, your own opinion, and your own business. My vote is my own vote, my own opinion, and my own business.

4. Loudly declaring that the other guy is constantly attacking you and you're running a clean campaign is, simply put, bull poop. Both parties are naturally vicious and aggressive, and you can't convince me otherwise.

5. Loudly declaring anything is bad. Maybe it'll get people's attention, but if you want a vote, maybe you should stop pestering them. The more I've heard out of both candidates, the less I really want to vote for either.

6. A thought-provoking thing that was related to me by a friend: A psychic apparently declared that her prediction concerning the election was that "the winner is going to be dead within eighteen months." Gee, who the running mate is sounds important in that context, doesn't it? It doesn't much help that both candidates have greater health risks than the typical presidential candidate. (McCain, while hardly ancient, has the look of a man in poor health, and Obama has already had death threats promised against him [if you haven't heard, an "assassination attempt" was foiled in the planning stages; it didn't sound like the group was much of a threat, but the fact remains that they won't be the only ones].)

7. Why do people think Obama is a great speaker? I can't stand listening to him. (My reasons are not entirely dissimilar from these.) Further, why do people put up with the softballs? At one point during an interview, Obama was talking about his "Muslim faith." I kid you not. And the reporter "corrected him" by saying "you mean Christian faith." And practically nobody reacted. This bothers me. People say "oh, it was just a slip of the tongue." If his faith was really so important to him, why would he say something completely wrong? The words don't even sound the same. (For the record, I'm not saying that Obama is a Muslim. I'm just saying that, at one point, he accidentally called himself one, and nobody said anything. [This is only a concern if he's a Muslim claiming to be a Christian-why the deception if you have good intentions? I might-no, I would-vote for a Muslim as president if it seemed like he would be good for the country.] Yet you must endlessly drag through the dirt all the times Bush has said "nukular" or something else irrelevantly inane?)

8. People who talk about "sacrifice" need to look at John McCain's arms. Have you ever noticed the way he holds them? They both were broken multiple times by men determined to break him. That is sacrifice. (The act of taking a job that put him in that situation, that is.)

9. Stop talking about change. The way people talk about change is ridiculous-as if things will suddenly miraculously get better when the candidate they're talking about is elected. Nothing could be more naive.

10. Early voting is stupid too. I've successfully voted every year that I've been old enough. Big whoop; I'm young yet. My father is old enough that he missed the elections between his eighteenth birthday and his twenty-first because they changed the voting age after he turned twenty-one. He hasn't missed one. And that includes every year, not just presidential years. This is a man who at one point in his life worked six days a week every week with minimal vacation days, working from before 7 AM to often well after 4:30 PM and on call at all times, who only took sick days when genuinely sick (for instance, stuck in bed and throwing up sick), who only missed a day once in forty years, and that was because there was a blizzard so severe that the road to work was blocked by snowdrifts that I have always been under the distinct impression were taller than his truck. (Lest you think him overzealous, the day he skipped work for the blizzard, there were workers climbing over the snowdrifts to get there anyway. That is work ethic, you bums.)

11. My sister is probably going to rant again about politics very soon; when she does, I'll link the post in this bullet. LINK ARRIVES. (Note: Don't listen to the crazy person who responds to her-the "Modern Whig Party" looks like crazy states-rights guys to me, and one of the newspapers who talks about them in their reference page was a super-tabloidy tabloid.)

12. If there's something you disagree with written here:
  • Get your own blog.
  • Check your facts.
  • Don't whine if you're wrong; that's just annoying.
  • Tell me if you have checked your facts, turned out to be right, and have something pertinent to say.
  • Otherwise, shut up. (See bullet #3.)

13. If there's something that I didn't mention in this list, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT. (See point #1.)

This year has made it clearer than ever why Halloween is celebrated during the home stretch of the election season.

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