Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Some Random Stuff While I Have A Minute

First things first: Thanks for the chuckle, snell. (I figure you deserve a thankyou if you had to post it twice.)

If I were the kind of person who spent too much money on Japanese toys (as opposed to too much money on toys based on Japanese toys), I'd buy this. (Maybe not. There's tons of other stuff I'd get, I guess.)


And as a totally random comment, the Mongolian Death Worm I mentioned yesterday really deserves to be in a video game or comic book or something. Come on, people, a worm that spews sulfuric acid and shoots bolts of electricity? That is cracky video game/comic book/whatever the heck you want gold.

Signing off, because I'm out of time. I promise something more sensical will be posted on this blog by the end of the week.

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