Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pun Attack

This clip is weird for me. Why?

It's not because of the awful puns or the rather bizarre violence. It's because my introduction to Plastic Man happened to be a really old story that featured Granite Lady/Lady Granite (in some kind of book that reprinted old comics that I was borrowing from the library-it's the only thing I actually remember from it).

Considering I have almost no familiarity with Plastic Man at all, that I should know of that specific character (who doesn't have a Wikipedia page, among other levels of being obscure) strikes me as weird as all heck.

(Also, I remember the story disturbing my young self deeply. Using a jackhammer on a person was a very unsettling thought, and I also couldn't quite suss out why the characters were doing any given thing [I had a pretty simplistic grasp on plot at the time], so it left me wondering why Plastic Man and the Granite Lady were fighting.)

-Signing off.

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