Friday, September 7, 2012

From The Past, I Bring You... THE FUTURE

So lately I've been preparing to move into a new house. The bulk of this activity is actually going through the previous occupant's possessions (being an acquaintance of the previous occupant, we're doing her a favor), and every now and again we find something rather... weird.

Case in point, this item of unknown origin.

When I say "item of unknown origin," this is a magazine-sized pamphlet. It has no publishing information in it. At all. (Also, I kept wondering if that asterisk had anything to do with anything. It doesn't, it's just there.)

As idly amusing as the cover is, that's nothing compared to the interior. So prepare yourselves for the ongoing painful and stupid analysis of Love Is Cooking With Microwaves.

(Also, credit where credit is due: My awesome sister went through and scanned every page and made them look better than they do in person.)

-Signing off.

1 comment:

Bryan Liberty said...

That microwave pamphlet may well contain the secrets of the universe.