Monday, August 29, 2011

Weird Anime Character Find (#2)

(Had a kind of miserable day, because my kid brother's six-week old kitten unexpectedly took ill and died after we'd had her for a week. I was looking her in the face trying to comfort her when she passed away, at one in the morning. She was a sweet kitten.

It can be hard when stupid things like this happen; sometimes all you can really do when it does is make sure a pet is as comfortable as you can make it, and make sure it realizes it's loved.

Incidentally, that's part of why I think fish make terrible pets and you shouldn't keep them as "pets."*)

This one isn't quite as weird as the last weird anime character design I put up; then again, that guy is hard to top, because he's just about a perfect storm of weirdness. This one is King Darius from the original Gaiking anime.

It's not just the relatively normal-looking mouth on his forehead that makes this guy weird; it's the fact that he's got a mustache in the same place someone else would put it, but without a mouth (or any other facial or cranial features) beneath it.

*Coping can involve cracking jokes; for me, it's more than half the process.

-Signing off.

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