Friday, August 12, 2011

Finally, The Jeeg Bazooka

At some point in the past (within a couple weeks of exactly three years ago, actually-wait, what?), I did a little article about Kotetsu/Steel Jeeg, one of Go Nagai's later super robot creations, and mentioned the newer sequel series that was based on it.

I tried to describe the newer series version of the Jeeg Bazooka, a weapon that, shall we say, was a bit oversized, but words were inadequate and the original YouTube video I'd found was gone at that point. So recently, I looked again, and decided to grab pictures this time.

So here we have the Jeeg Bazooka getting ready to fire.

See that mostly obscured green and yellow figure back there? That's Jeeg.

Of course, that visual effect is created by foreshortening, right? The gun can't be nearly that proportionately big, can it?

It's still goshdarned huge.

Note additionally that Jeeg isn't very big compared to most super robots, or even most "real robots." He's "only" ten meters (32.5 feet) tall, compared to Mazinger Z's still "puny" eighteen meters (58.5 feet). Most super robots start in the neighborhood of thirty meters (100 feet, give or take).

So that gun's big, but only for Jeeg or by any sane standard. For a super robot, it's tiny.

-Signing off.

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