Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Danguard Ace Has the Best Opening Song...

...possibly ever.

(In case the embed doesn't work, here's a link to a different video.)

Just by itself, that doesn't say too much to a non-Japanese speaker, but here's a translation of the lyrics I found on the Internet.

Dan-da-dan-da-dan Dan-da-dan-da-dan
We love you
Yes, we do
The universe is big
No, papa's voice is big
No, my dreams are big
The sun is red
No, your face is red
And so is mine
Aim for the star of hope
Go Sateraiza [Satellizer], full speed ahead
Go Go DANGAADOH AYSU [Danguard Ace]
and I'll be there at your side.

In case you can't tell, I love the absurdity of the rather non sequitur statements (no, papa's voice is big[ger than the UNIVERSE]).

-Signing off.

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