Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Super Actually Surprisingly Realistic Robot Profiles: Dai-Guard

Dai-Guard is a 1999 anime about a giant robot and the office workers who operate it. Yes, there is nothing incorrect about that sentence. (I would dare to say that everything is right about that sentence.)

The robot looks like an old-school super robot, and the opening sequence plays it up like one... but it isn't. It isn't even very powerful. It's just a big, heavy, slow-moving piece of metal that happens to look like a robot.

And it's still one of the most batman* giant robots ever. Why? Because even though it's slow, can only run for a few minutes at a time without being recharged, and has armor that at times seems to be made of cardboard (it also lacks air conditioning), it manages to consistently take out giant extradimensional monsters.

Granted, that's probably because its pilot is a surprisingly batman giant robot fanboy who apparently learned how to operate similar vehicles and then worked at the company that owns the robot merely so he could be close to the only giant robot in the world that actually existed. This guy is living the dream.

Except that in the world of Dai-Guard, there are lawsuits, insurance claim forms, and other such troubles, and those are the absolute least favorite things in the universe for the guy.

Wait, there we go. Dai-Guard is the robot anime version of The Incredibles.

I'm not sure there's anything more to say about it after that. (Well, other than that it's a funny series at the same time as it takes the world it's in very seriously. That's pretty awesome.)

*My sister and I use this (batman) as a euphemism in everyday conversation for another word. It has the same number of letters, the same first letter, the same vowels, and the same number of syllables, but most importantly, the same cadence and roughly the same meaning.

-Signing off.

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