Thursday, February 11, 2010

News Flash: Stan Lee Working on Comics!

In a surprise announcement, it turns out that Stan Lee is working on a new comic book series. Most shockingly, it turns out that he'll appear as a regular character in it-wait. Wait a minute.

This sounds very, very familiar.

Oh, yeah. There was that Ultimo thing.

Not that Ultimo thing, the other Ultimo thing.

Still reading this in Shonen Jump, not because it's great but because it's there. (And I have to admit, it's trippily amusing.) If you for some reason like psychotic five year old girls, excessively girly robot "boys," and frighteningly sexualized, erm, encounters between robots and their human masters... Well, I suppose that it might be something you'd enjoy on an honest level instead of the mocking-oriented way I read it. And if you enjoy making fun of things you read, then you probably wouldn't mind it either. Unless it creeps you the heck out.

Which it does to me now and then.

-Signing off.

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