Tuesday, February 16, 2010

(Golden Age) Daredevil Vs. Cry for Justice

Somewhat recently, there's been a bit of a brouhaha over a DC comic called "Cry for Justice," in which various DC heroes beat up and torture some villains in response to the killings/disappearances/whatever of some superheroes.

It makes me wonder, because one of the more popular, if not the most popular, of those Golden Age heroes who have fallen into the public domain is Daredevil, and he wrung out people for information like there was no tomorrow.


Here, of course, any non-vigilante would have stopped. Dude's subdued. But what's up with the water?

He's not waterboarding, he's splashing him awake after beating him unconscious.

And he beats him unconscious at least six times.

No wonder the guy talked.

If you're feeling sorry for the guy and wondering what he did, he killed a man and tried to kill another, and then stole a manuscript in order to blackmail a guy who was in league with Nazi Germany. (The guys he whacked/tried to whack were going to publish the manuscript that revealed the truth.) This is after the blackmailee committed suicide by lethal injection.

Then, when the crook reaches into his pocket to eat an apple, a startled cop shoots him.

Y'know, I know that Golden Age comics are from a different era, but that's a really rather twisted sense of justice.

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