Friday, March 13, 2009

What To Do, What To Do?

So I'm sitting here, wondering what I'll blog about, and I look through the folder of images I've prepared for this blog on my computer and suddenly noticed two I never uploaded. Huh.

These are both taken from the Robotix cartoon (mentioned in a number of posts in the past-just use the labels to find it).

The first is of the Robotix character Boltar.

Boltar is the most brutish and primitive of the good Robotix. Basically, he's a Robotix Dinobot. He even looks a little bit like one... if you squint.

And here is a shot of the terrain on... that planet Robotix takes place on. Pretty, isn't it?

Meh. I do have some ideas for next week, so hopefully it'll be a bit more coherent.

-Signing off.

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