Monday, March 30, 2009

Sam Or Max

(With regards to my ongoing Flash Player woes, I discovered something on the site that is supposed to fix the problem I've been having. It doesn't work. Natch.)

My little brother had a friend over today to play around.

When my mother was talking with this friend's mother in preparation for the invitation (well, for a previous invitation my brother had to his house, but whatever), she refered to her son by the name "Sam."

This was rather odd; every time my brother mentions this child, he calls him "Max." My mother mentioned this after a little while.

There was a bit of confusion, followed by the other mother talking for a moment with her son. After a moment, she comes back and says, "Um, apparently he just goes by Max on the bus."

This kid can't be more than eight years old, and he's already leading a double life.

The thing that really makes me wonder is that his names are Sam and Max.

Sam & Max?


-Signing off.

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