Monday, February 9, 2009

On The Subject of King Arthur...

There have been many, many adaptations of the King Arthur myths and legends, over and over again. (It started early, as mentioned here.)

Several have been cartoons, of course.

I remember watching this one.

But not this one. (Not a wonder, because it was never dubbed into English.)

Then there's the video game (or whatever) that I've heard about where "King" Arthur is a cross-dressing underage anime girl...

Moving on.

Over the years, I've read many iterations of the King Arthur mythology. It's just something that appeals to me. (This is the best modern reinterpretation, bar none-it actually makes some historical sense. The historical inconsistencies can be listed in eight bullet points, where any other effort ever made at Arthurian legend would only be able to do such short a list by listing the things it had in common with history. I mean, for crying out loud-T. H. White's version had Robin Hood [excuse me, Robin Wood] older than Arthur. What. [If you don't know, if Arthur actually existed, he lived somewhere between 300 AD and 500 AD. Robin Hood's legend was set during the reign of Richard the First, who was part of the post-Norman Invasion royalty. The Norman Invasion took place in 1066 AD. Seriously, White, what.]) They tend to follow the same general gist-Arthur takes the throne despite various obstacles (such as being the previous king's illegitimate son), he turns out to be a pretty tough fighter and a pretty nice guy, and then he dies too young. There's usually a form of Merlin, and sadly there's usually a form of Lancelot. (I hate Lancelot. I disagree with the sentiment that many have that Lancelot makes the whole legend.)

Less familiar are the Charlemagne legends. These are interesting if for no other reason than one of the major participants is a woman. A woman knight. (Her name is Bradamante, in case you're interested.) That, and they are (in the version I've read, anyway) worked into the Arthurian framework.

Hm... I'm sure I could say more, but my time has been eaten by my computer. Sigh. I may resume this later.

-Signing off.

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Robert Treskillard said...

Being interested in all things Arhturian, I read your post and found you like Stephen Lawhead's Pendragon Cycle!

It really is a great series, and I've been inspired to *attempt* to write my own.

If you're interested in giving me any feedback, I have some sample chapters at my website:

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