Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Robot Wars... Tuesday?

Low on energy, creativity, and time (DARNED COMPUTER), so here's some random stuff.

In case you're wondering, the robot is one Dis Astranagant, one of the most powerful robots from the Super Robot Wars games (click the Super Robot Wars Sunday tag if you're curious). Why is it so powerful?

Because it's powered by the souls of the dead.

To be fair, the Ideon, which was a robot from an anime that appeared in the games, was powered by the force of unborn souls (or something-it's kinda hazy like so many anime), so it's got precedent. But whatever.

-Signing off.

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Ace said...

Actually, it's the strongest Real Robot not because it's powered by the souls of the dead, but because it can erase its enemies from existence. Notice what happens when Cobray is using the Ain Soph Aur? Those orbs are erasing his enemies from existence, though the explosion is questionable.