Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Very Short And Ugly Career of Missileman

Who, you may be asking, is Missileman?

A very short-lived supervillain. His career lasted for all of two pages.

In all seriousness, this guy makes the Human Flame's career look downright glamorous. And that's before Final Crisis.

Let's take a look at the dude and see his costume.

Pretty ugly fella. (Also, "uff?" Seriously, Supes, are you tripping or something?)

So what are Missileman's accomplishments? Well, he destroyed a bridge "before the very eyes of Superman." He also blew up a car and damaged some buildings. (I considered doing one of the little random filler posts I've been doing with a panel from that page, where Superman proclaims "Today I won't leave you Missileman!" but that's a little too out of context bad even for me.)

So Supes flies over and grabs at him, but Missileman boldly proclaims that "nothing can stop me today, Superman!"

Then Superman throws him into an erupting volcano.

The end.

No, seriously-the end. That's all she wrote-guy's dead.

See, whoever the heck wrote this weird little story wanted to have a villain for Superman to fight. And since, in Nagraj comics, they apparently don't take prisoners unless the dude's immortal, the guy had to make someone up, because he was certainly not allowed to kill off even the least important of Superman villains.

So, yeah. Really, this is a very elegant demonstration of why Superman needs to be such a nice guy, isn't it? His comics would just fall apart if he wasn't.

-Signing off.

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