Thursday, July 24, 2008

Robosaurus and Co.

I suppose it isn't really surprising, given my great affection for robots both real and imaginary, that I really like Robosaurus and its monster truck ilk. (Of course, I don't really give a care about normal monster trucks-just really crazy ones done up as actual monsters.)

You might laugh at the idea that my sister recently cried out in disgust at the thought of Robosaurus changing hands from its inventor and original owner. She protested that the new owner would be likely to destroy what she regards as a work of art. The idea that Robosaurus is art likely sounds ridiculous to many, although I'm sure the notion has its proponents.

But Robosaurus really is art. Look at this.

Of course, you're absolutely free to disagree with me. Nobody agrees on all art.

Funnily enough, this next video was just about the only one I could find where Robosaurus actually chomped a car. You'd think, as that is one of the prime gimmicks, it would be a frequent event.

This next guy, however, isn't nearly so shy about eating. This is Megasaurus, who has a twin sibling named Transaurus, and he's got a surprising amount of personality for something that's a rather blatant knockoff of Robosaurus.

Megasaurus is high-quality stuff, on the other hand, when compared to this guy. If Robosaurus were Godzilla, Draco the Dragonator (featured about halfway through this longer video-and his relationship to Trogdor the Burninator is unknown) would be a big fat grown-up Godzooky, or a Boss Borot to Robosaurus's Mazinger Z.

Not that that's a bad thing. I find myself imagining the three "truckasaurs" hanging out, munching cars and whatnot, with Robosaurus the main heroic one, Megasaurus/Transaurus the comic relief smart aleck, and Draco the Dragonator the stupid comic relief.

Admittedly, I can be pretty weird, but whatever. I could totally see it happening.

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