Monday, September 21, 2015

Bad Weekend

No proper post tonight. Had two cats very sick over the weekend (while the local vet is closed), and one passed away and the other is staying at the vet's for a few days, and so I'm pretty emotionally and physically exhausted right now.

(The one who's at the vet's is Captain, who's gotten a couple of mentions on here. Captain is my precious baby cat, and I watched over her for twelve hours and used my own body heat to make sure she stayed warm while we waited for the clinic to open, even though this made me overheat and sweat a lot, and I'm usually most comfortable when I'm a little bit cold. Her prognosis is good, thankfully.

The one who died was my sister's precious baby cat. There was a lot of crying and sleeping when that was done; my sister is actually passed out right now.

It's actually been a rough few months for our family; my mother's roughly twenty-year-old cat passed away a few weeks ago, and there's been an out-of-state uncle passing away and another with a bad cancer diagnosis.)

EDIT: I'm not blogging Wednesday because Captain came home and she needs close care, and I may not blog on Friday. ...I kinda would have needed a break from blogging anyway.

-Signing off.

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