Monday, September 28, 2015

Look At That Sass

(My cat's doing much better, if you're curious-she's now at the stage of recovery where she's had enough of us trying to take care of her and is making giving her medicine painful, which is easy for her when she's got so many pointy bits and so much of her strength has come back. Life's still pretty much turned on its head, but things are getting better a little bit at a time.)

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an image of a card from Magic: The Gathering that got a response out of me that probably wasn't intended, that being "gee, that towering Eldrazi abomination sure has a pretty sassy walk going on*."

Then, later, I saw an "animated" trailer of the sort that Wizards at the Coast has done in the past, and was pleased to see that, despite the quality of the animations varying from "eh" to "ech," from about 0:38-0:41 has the exact visual experience I'd have expected of this creature if it was in motion.

"Sassy walk" probably wasn't what they were going for.

*Despite lacking actual legs.

-Signing off.

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