Friday, November 7, 2014

That Shouldn't Be Allowed (But It's Kind of Great That It Is)

(I should have done a Star Wars post, but I didn't. I'll get to the next one soonish, I swear.)

It's stupid how funny I find messing with RPG bosses.

Status effects that shouldn't work on such bosses but do are basically the bane of their existence, and can turn stupid-hard fights into cakewalks.

Like, there's a sea serpent you have to fight in the third chapter of Mardek, for instance.

It's a big, mean so'n'so, with enough hitpoints to take forever to kill and a tidal wave attack that's just a pain to deal with.

And it's immune to neither sleep (can't move until a physical attack hits it and wakes it up, or until its relatively low resistance removes it) nor poison (deals damage every time the victim takes a turn, and it's percentage-based).

And it's not that hard to pick up a couple of special bombs that inflict almost all status effects. Using one, or if necessary a couple, to basically skip a boss fight despite their rarity? Totally worth it.

(Pretty sure that the first time I fought that serpent, I was way underleveled* for that fight. It helped that I had several magic-based ways to inflict damage and thus speed things up rather a lot.)

*The thing is, I'm a completely unrepentant level grinder. I've literally cleared tiny areas of enemies thirty or forty times in one gameplay session and I hunt down enemies that summon other enemies for the opportunity to kill their buddies. On the first occasion that the character Corgan from Septerra Core joined my party, due to the experience bleed from the massive amount of grinding I'd done (all characters in Septerra always get full experience regardless of whether you've recruited them, they're in your party, etc.-which actually cuts down on how much grinding you need to do, because you don't need to swap around characters to get the full effects), he already had what was supposed to be a high-level skill available-in a current playthrough where I just felt like rushing around, I've had him for a while and he still doesn't have that skill.

-Signing off.

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