Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sorry, No Kryptonite

And for reasons I've mentioned (dang that's an old post-I actually apologize for mentioning Lovecraft stories*), even that wouldn't make much of a difference if Supes took the gloves off.

Like so.

*Incidentally, H. P. Lovecraft? Was a horrible racist that said horrible things about lots of people. Like, there's apparently a "game" that gives you a quote from Lovecraft and a quote from Hitler, and you're supposed to guess which one said which; usually, from what I've read of it, Lovecraft said all the worst things.

Of course he did. He was an imaginative little slime, and that's why people still talk about him, isn't it?

Incidentally, if we discounted old media based on whether it was created by awful, hateful people, the literary canon would almost completely evaporate, so Lovecraft isn't exactly unusual for having been an awful person. At least he just kind of sat at home and wrote stories people didn't end up paying him much money for, later dying broke.

-Signing off.

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