Monday, February 10, 2014

Sorry If This Song Gets Stuck In Your Head

Every now and again, someone will say "[imported product x]" is much more [serious/dark/edgy/some qualifier intended to claim it's superior even though there's plenty of solid dreck which those qualifiers describe] in the [original version/other source material]." For instance, "Super Sentai is much more serious than Power Rangers."

Even if both Power Rangers and Sentai weren't long-running franchises with great variation in quality and tone, there's an easy proof to tell you that there's something wrong with your statement: This music number taken from an episode of Zyuranger, which was used to create the first season of Power Rangers.

"Witch Bandora" there is the main villain. And she regularly would spontaneously break into song (and a song wherein she repeatedly uses part of her own name for no apparent reason, for that matter).

Yup, much more serious.

-Signing off.

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