Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Contractually Obligated Movie Trailer Post

The first real trailer for the next Transformers movie is out. (It was first released in something that has something to do with large bowls, I think?*)

I kind of love the fact that it's kind of obvious that somebody at some point just went "You know what? SCREW IT, WE'RE JUST GOING TO HAVE ALL THE AWESOME! YES, OPTIMUS WILL RIDE A DINOSAUR ROBOT!"

*Yeah, yeah, it was the Superbowl spot. The only reason I knew the Superbowl was last week was because of a charity event thing that happens at the same time every year. I actually have started to really enjoy the fact that I don't watch broadcast television anymore.

Because I hate a lot of things on TV, to be honest.

So now I only watch TV shows I want to watch, and can skip almost all the commercials. It's wonderful.

-Signing off.

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