Monday, August 19, 2013

This Guy Is Really Good With A Sword

A few times now, I've posted this clip of zome some guy named Zengar Sanger Zonbolt Zonvolt.

Yes, he just destroyed a difficult-to-count number of robots with essentially a single swing of his sword.

Robots of the same type were proving difficult for other characters to fight one on one.

Could his ability to cut things be crazier? Yeah, of course it could. Behold:

Now, sure, he's not cutting nearly as many things here, but the way he cuts them is in plain defiance of all reason.

Which is why Zangar Zengar that dude is awesome.

Favorite daft crossover theory regarding this character: He's distantly related to the Wulfenbachs from Girl Genius.

-Signing off.

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